Graduate Student Opportunities


I am the course coordinator for one of our core courses in the Pathology Graduate program: Path 501 Foundations of Human Histopathology. I am in search of a Graduate Academic Assistant (or two, schedules pending) to help with Path 501 this fall. As many of you know, the sessions are each on a Thursday, 2-5pm at UBC Hospital. Each session involves 1 hour of lecture and 2 additional contact hours as a tutorial. This is a great opportunity to stay familiar with histopathology, and to interact with some of the terrific instructors in our course as well as new students to our program. At this point, there may be one or two positions available, as some of the commitments may be shared.

In this position, the following will be expected:

Arrive 15 minutes before class

Assist the instructor in loading talks and setting up audiovisuals. Ensure and record that students have completed the required tutorial questions.

Sit through the lecture. This is where you will have time to make any changes to quizzes that will be run, or prepare for the tutorial sessions that day, or quizzes for the following weeks. You will assist students with Kohler illumination.

During the tutorial, you will helping to guide the 12-20 students through a set of tutorial questions which they are provided in advance to review and complete some questions in advance. You will be helping the instructor to guide the students as they address these questions paired on microscopes with slide sets in the class. Students also access the online virtual collections through the Pathology learning centre.

At the end of the tutorial, you may be managing a brief quiz (5 minutes, unless the instructor is able to run this); this is not for marks.

You will ensure that the microscopes and sets are all collected and returned to their proper place, and shut down equipment and lights in the Reid Lab.

You will also help in providing feedback to the students when they present their histology projects.

Time commitment: Sessions are Thursdays 1:45-5:00 each week; They start September 6th and up to and including the final exam on December 13th. Exceptions will be the museum tour November 8th.

Remuneration: TBD

Requirements: I am looking for someone who did well in Path 501 themselves (or has similar course experience) and is confident with the material covered in the course and using a microscope. This may mean you have to brush up on areas where you feel work is needed. The successful applicant will be someone who has enthusiasm for the content, and demonstrates confidence and clarity in explaining topics. You will work closely with instructors and myself to maintain fluidity in the course.

At the end of the year, you will also receive an evaluation including comments. Typically there are 12-20 students in the class, and most are first year graduate students in our program. They typically have little/no exposure to histology but often have biomedical backgrounds. I attach the objectives for the course and the outline of how the course is generally conducted.

If interested, please submit a brief outline any relevant teaching experience/expertise and reason for interest by June 25th . Please confirm your availability for those times-there may be some flexibility if one or two weeks don’t work with your schedule.  Also, *please discuss this opportunity with your supervisor and ensure they are in agreement with your taking on this commitment. I will be in touch with suitable candidates for followup to finalize a decision by July 15th. Please send this information to me at

I look forward to hearing from interested graduate students.

Most sincerely,