Academic Rank:
Affiliated with Institute for Heart + Lung Health
Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
James Hogg Research Centre

Short Bio:

Dr. Luo’s main research interests lie in the study of understanding the mechanisms leading to the pathogenesis of viral myocarditis. The focus of Dr. Luo’s research program is to define the pathogenetic determinants of virus-host interactions in enterovirus-induced heart disease. The ongoing research projects include: 1) Protein degradation pathways, including the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway and the autophagy, in virus-induced myocarditis; 2) The molecular mechanisms of impaired cardiac function in viral myocarditis, and 3) Host signaling mechanisms in viral myocarditis. Dr. Luo has published more than 70 refereed papers.Most of these publications have been appeared in leading journals, includingCirculation, Journal of Virology, Cell Death and Differentiation, Diabetes, Journal of Biological Chemistry, PNAS and Circulation Research.

Dr. Luo was a Canadian Institutes of Health Research/St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation New Investigator and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar. Dr. Luo was awarded a Canada Foundation for Innovation New Opportunities grant in acquiring cutting-edge infrastructure. Her work on the roles of protein degradation system and host signaling in virus-mediated myocarditis were supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Hospital for Sick Kids Foundation.

Academic Backgrounds:
  • MD, Chongqing Medical University, China, Medicine. 1986
  • MS, West China University of Medical Sciences, China, Hemodynamics. 1989
Selected Publications
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  • Molecular mechanisms leading to viral myocarditis
  • Protein degradation system in cardiac remodeling