Academic Rank:
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC
Medical Microbiologist, BC Centre for Disease Control

Short Bio:

Born in Moldova, I moved to Vancouver in 1995. I completed my BSc at UBC in Microbiology and Immunology in 2003 and went on to join the UBC MD/PhD Program. My graduate degree was also in Microbiology, which was clearly becoming a serious obsession of mine. It was no wonder that upon completion of my studies I went on to join the UBC Medical Microbiology residency program. I graduated from residency in 2017 and was fortunate to be hired by the BCCDC Public Health Laboratory as a Medical Microbiologist and Program Head for the Mycobacteriology Laboratory. My professional interests lie in the domains of Public Health, clinical applications of microbial genomics and TB diagnostic methods.

Academic Backgrounds:
  • MD/PhD (Microbiology), The University of British Columbia 2011
  • BSc The University of British Columbia 2003