Child and Family Research Institute
Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC
Academic Backgrounds:
  • PhD, University of British Columbia, Biomedical Research Centre ) then moved with advisor to Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California San Diego, (Genetics Program). 1990 – 1997
  • BSc, University of British Columbia, (Microbiology & Immunology). 1985 – 1989
Selected Publications

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  • Priatel JJ *, Chung BK, Tsai K and Tan R*. (2014) NKT Cell Based Strategies to Combat EBV Infection. OncoImmunology Apr 9;3:e28329. eCollection 2014.  PMID: 25050206.
    Asterisk (*) designates that JJP and RT are corresponding authors.
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My primary research is focused at investigating the genetic and physiological bases of immune system functioning and how it relays to immunological tolerance. The ability to discriminate self- from foreign-antigens is essential for both generating efficacious immune responses and avoiding the ravages of autoimmunity. My lab’s scientific themes will center on investigating immune functions in both human and mouse cells as a means of discovering novel therapies for autoimmune type 1 diabetes (T1D) and other forms of autoimmunity. A greater understanding of the immune system will lead to improved care for patients with primary Immunodeficiencies, autoimmune diseases and cancers. My work has been published in high impact journals such as Immunity, Blood and The Journal of Immunology and has been supported by the Canadian Institute of Health Research and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.