Academic Rank:
Assistant Professor, UBC

Short Bio:

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine since Fall 2020. My research primarily focuses on developing scalable probabilistic inference methods to elucidate hidden causal mechanisms of human diseases, such as cancer and other common/complex disorders. Since I am a data-driven scientist, I become excited when hidden patterns emerge, and data finally start speaking back to me. I firmly believe in Don Knuth’s famous quote, “best practice is inspired by theory,” and “best theory is inspired by practice.”


We are interested in solving biological problems with data and computation. We usually work in BC Cancer Research Centre, or some places where we can open a terminal. We love high-dimensional, large-volume biological data. If you give us data, we would love to understand the mechanisms of the data-generating process. If you give us a cool hypothesis, we will be excited to test the causality using data. We also love pretty scientific figures with a healthy dose of obsession. Please contact me for more information.

Research interest:
Bayesian statistics
Causal inference
Computational Biology
Network science
Single-cell genomics