Elective Courses

Our department offers additional elective courses that can be taken on the recommendation of your supervisory committee, listed below:

PATH 518B (3 credits) Pulmonary Pathophysiology (runs Sept – Dec).

A review of current topics in pulmonary pathophysiology at an advanced level suitable for graduate students majoring in pathology, medicine, surgery or anaesthesiology. Topics will include lung anatomy, ventilation, blood flow, gas and fluid exchange. PATH 518B SSC Course Schedule Listing

PATH 521 (3 credits) Introduction to the Pathogenesis of Human Disease (runs Jun – Aug).

Current medical research; cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. PATH 521 SSC Course Schedule Listing

PATH 530 (3 credits) Nutrition and Metabolic Aspects of Human Disease (runs Jan – Apr).

Molecular effects of changes in nutrient status and metabolism on health. PATH 530 SSC Course Schedule Listing

PATH 531 (3 credits) Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer (runs Jan- Apr).

This course focuses on molecular and cell biology of cancer and consists of a series of lectures/reviews combined with discussions and presentations by students on the topics selected by the instructors. Emphasis will be on students’ presentations and discussion.
PATH 531 SSC Course Schedule Listing

PATH 570 (3 credits) Cardiovascular Pathophysiology (runs Jan - Apr).

Pathogenesis, abnormal physiology, and therapeutic approaches in heart disease including cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, myocardial infarction, hypertension, atherosclerosis. PATH 570 SSC Course Schedule Listing