PhD Dissertation Examination Timeline

  1. Submit Nomination for External Examiner Form to Graduate Program (done by Supervisor) for approval and submission to G + PS (at least 8 weeks prior to dissertation submission to G+ PS).
  2. Supervisor and Committee Members review Dissertation and sign off on Supervisory Committee PhD Thesis Approval Form.  Submit forms and completed Graduate Program Approval Memo to Program for approval and submission to G+PS. After this has happened the Dissertation can be submitted to G+PS for the External Examiner (minimum of 6-7 weeks prior to oral examination).
  3. Select oral examination date and submit University Examiner Form to Program (done by Supervisor) for approval and submission to G+PS (minimum of 4 weeks prior to oral defense).
  4. At Oral Examination, have Doctoral Dissertation Approval Form signed.
  5. When Dissertation revisions are complete, submit the Doctoral Dissertation Approval Form along with the Dissertation Cover Sheet to the Graduate Program for review and submission to G+PS.